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The Quiet Revolution

“Best Business Travel/Trade Feature” – British Guild of Travel Writers

When he visited Abu Dhabi thirty years ago, travel writer Jonathan Raban wrote that the city “was like a hotel… everyone was in transit. Even the [locals] had been turned into guests, en route from a nomadic past to a sketchy future.” …

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Going for gold, frankincense & myrrh

Out in the desolate Baal Thayfer – the “Place of Camel Droppings” – Mabkhot Al Amiry hefts his blade, choosing where to make the first cut. A breath of wind breaks the silence, rattling the papery bark of the tree in front of us with a sound like…

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Bloom Time

The honey-seller smiled, and lifted his ladle high. Golden honey streamed down and the warm air in his little shop filled with a mouthwatering aroma – in a mental flash I instantly recalled sunny fields of scented flowers and childhood treats of white-bread honey sandwiches…

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omani dhow

In Search of Sindbad

Ali Juma Al-Araimi rubbed his chin. “No, I don’t know anything about Sindbad,” he said, and leaned on the heavy teak door of his workshop, masts of replica miniature dhows rising behind his shoulder. “But ask on the shore around sunset. People might know.”

It had been six months earlier, in a tourist guidebook to Oman, that…

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