Brief excerpts from four published books – apologies, I really need to update this page to reflect more recent editions of all these titles…

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Rough Guide to the Cotswolds

1st edition, published 2011

When outsiders want to poke fun at the Cotswolds, they invariably aim first at Stow-on-the-Wold. Over the last ten years or so, a succession of metropolitan journalists from the London papers – visiting chiefly to review one or other of the restaurants – have taken delight in tearing strips off Stow for its supposed…

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Rough Guide Jordan4

Rough Guide to Jordan

4th edition, published 2009

Consistently overlooked and underrated by travellers to the Middle East, the Jordanian capital Amman stands in marked contrast to its raucous neighbours, with none of the grand history of Damascus, not a whiff of Jerusalem’s tension and just a tiny fraction of Cairo’s monuments…

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Rough Guide Italian Lakes 2

Rough Guide to the Italian Lakes

2nd edition, published 2009

The westernmost of the major Italian lakes, lying wholly within Piemonte, Lake Orta appears an afterthought, a little croissant-shaped tarn that is closer to the Matterhorn than Milan. Perhaps that’s why it is relatively quiet, seeing a fraction of the…

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Rough Guide to Switzerland

4th edition, published 2010

Beam yourself down into Neuchâtel, and for a while you might think you’ve landed up in France. The Neuchâtelois people are the most French-oriented in Switzerland, speaking a dialect of Swiss-French that is celebrated – by those for whom such a thing is significant – as the “purest” in the country (that’s to say, the closest to…

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