Go Yamaan!

Just heard that Jordanian tour guide Yamaan Safady has been shortlisted for the Paul Morrison Guide Awards 2009, run by Wanderlust magazine in the UK.

Fantastic news! Yamaan is a great guy, and he knows Jordan’s backcountry like nobody else. Looking forward to the awards ceremony in October…

UPDATE (12 Sept 09): Check out this fantastic 4min video, uploaded yesterday to YouTube, in support of Yamaan’s nomination…

UPDATE (14 Oct 09): Click here to find out how Yamaan did…


  1. jeremyhead

    Couldn't agree more. Yamman was my guide for a piece I did for the Independent in 2006. Really smart and great company too.

  2. Alison Green

    Just returned from my first ever trip to the Middle East…my holiday to Jordan was a huge learning curve: Yamaan Safady made the experience complete with his wealth of cultural, historical & archaeological knowledge

    1. Matthew Teller

      @jeremy and @alison – thanks so much! Happy you agree.

      @alison – Delighted that you chose to post here – but feel free to copy that to Wanderlust magazine – I’m sure they’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Link here. So pleased that you had a good time on your first trip to the region! Tell us more – where did you go, what did you enjoy…?

  3. Shagufta Mahjabin

    My wishes to Yamaan. I know him from a summer school in UK. He is nice and gentle and passionate about his work. May Allah bless him.

    1. Matthew Teller

      Thanks for writing in, Shagufta. Great to hear your story and your kind thoughts!

  4. Bush

    Yamaan is absolutely brilliant at what he does with the right passion and dedication one can only wish for in any line of work! I wish him all the best for winning this year’s award!

  5. Alison Green

    Hello again,

    Thanks for alerting us to Yamman’s video….I’ll pass it on. You asked what I saw and enjoyed. Can I direct you to my blog? http://abiteintheneck.blogspot.com/ If you go to ‘archives’ on the right hand side, click on July, then click on ‘a few days in another world’, you can read my account which, in truth, is really hommage to Yamman. I’m thinking of re-writing this into an article for a competition. I’d be really pleased to hear what you think (or anyone else that’s reading it) should you have time. Thanks.

  6. Yamaan

    thank you ALL for such nice words and beautiful support! I can’t wait till Tuesday, its going to be a big night for me… keep your fingers crossed!

    Alison, its a beautiful story, my heart was smiling while I was reading it… I’m glad you had such a good time in Jordan… best of luck with your competition!

    thanks Matthew for this page 🙂 I greatly appreciate it.

    I wish you ALL the very best…

  7. Matthew Teller

    Thanks, Alison – your trip sounds brilliant. So pleased you had such a good time; I loved reading about it. And thanks, Yamaan, for dropping by! Tonight (Oct 13th) is the night: I’ll be meeting Yamaan in London for the big awards ceremony…

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