Blog will eat itself

It started with writing for print – books, magazines, newspapers.

Then it seemed like the print world was losing impetus, and online was where things were happening. So I got a blog.

Now, in what I think might be a world first (please tell me if it isn’t!), a print magazine has devoted a page to reproducing my blog in print form. Gulf Life, the inflight magazine of Bahrain-based Gulf Air, published in London by Ink and distributed around the world, has a track record of innovation, in both design and content. They contacted me recently and said they were interested in “reversing the flow” of print to online, and wanted to launch a regular column showcasing blogs of Middle East interest in the magazine. Was I interested?

So now I blog about something, then a month later it appears on the blog page of a print magazine – and now here I am, blogging about it… Feels a bit, well, incestuous.

A really interesting development. It’s certainly a fantastic opportunity for me – thank you, Gulf Life – and an unusual way to monetize my blog. But it also raises an interesting side-question: what’s the difference between a blog and a column?


  1. Jeremy Head

    Hi Matthew
    Are they paying you then? What you write above suggests that they are.

    Thanks for the link… but none of the links are live which kind of defeats the object. Also I couldn’t find a link off the home page to this part of the site… so virtually impossible to find. I guess it’s early days… but these are a few things I’d ask them… otherwise ‘reversing the flow’ or whatever looks rather like just trying to build up a stack of content for SEO purposes (but hey I’m a cynical old hack!)

    I think there’s very little difference at all between a blog post and a column per se… the difference is the functionality. The fact that people can comment and debate what you have written… that’s what makes it so much fun!

  2. Matthew Teller

    hi Jeremy. Yes, they are paying me…

    I also noticed none of the links were live – bit silly, that. Will raise it. Not sure what you mean about the home page, though: the “Bloggings” head is there, on the right-hand side, along with links to all the mag’s feature pages.

    You might be right about content for SEO – but I rather think this is all editorial-led, rather than SEO-led. For Ink and for Gulf, the print magazine is everything; what happens on the website is also-ran.

  3. Jeremy Head

    Ahh. Yes… see that link now…
    Wouldn’t surprise me if they just didn’t code it right with the links as their is one live link on a previous blog post….

  4. Matthew Teller

    Probly. Weren’t me, guv.

  5. skippingstones

    congratulations! I do believe that a blog can function like a column… even though there is more interactivity with a blog, people still do write letters/submit emails to columnists.

  6. Matthew Teller

    Thank you! I’ll let you know how it develops…

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