A story from Gaza

Yesterday, I rediscovered a story of real life from the Shaja’iyya district of Gaza.

The small tale was written twenty years ago by Diala Khasawneh for her book Memoirs Engraved in Stone: Palestinian Urban Mansions, published by the Riwaq Centre for Architectural Conservation (Ramallah, 1995) – and republished by the Institute for Palestine Studies (Beirut & Washington, 2001). The original ISBN is 0887282792, the updated ISBN13 is 9780887282799. There’s a review of the book here, and it is still available from Amazon and (better) direct from the publisher here. It is beautiful; I recommend it highly.

And the story serves as a small reminder that Palestine, and Palestinians, had – and still have – a life beyond the demands of the news agenda. They are more than just tragic victims of violence and death, more than fiery-eyed zealots and filthy-faced children, more than weepers and fighters and shouters and haters and trudgers and starers and pleaders and beggars and trembling frightened survivors.

It is a place, and they are people.

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  1. Jon Killpack

    Thanks for posting this Matthew. The world needs more reminders that Gaza “is a place, and they are people.”

  2. Matthew Teller

    Indeed. Thanks, Jon.

  3. arlene

    Thanks for giving us a bird’s eye view on a typical life in Gaza.

  4. lulu

    Thank you. How sad it is there is no peace for the place or the people.

  5. Matthew Teller

    Sad indeed.

  6. Harbun G. Subekti

    Some of my friends are Palestinians, they’re nice…
    They deserve the right for freedom,…

  7. makull

    thank for this article Matthew, are you tried to visit egypt before ?

  8. Tom Hole

    Great article Matthew!

    1. Matthew Teller

      Why thank you, Tom! Glad you liked it.

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