Stories from Qatar


Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be in Qatar, on assignment for the British Airways inflight magazine High Life. It was for an idea I’d pitched to them, trying to give a bit of insider perspective to the way Doha is usually covered in the Western media – which tends to be either PR-driven guff about fancy hotels and multibillion-dollar developments, or hard-hitting exposes of the Qatari government’s truly appalling record on human rights. Both have validity, but neither tells the whole story. I went for a people angle. Stories. Storytelling. This was the result, with fantastic pictures by Andrew Shaylor. I had a brilliant time writing it – so much fun. I hope you like it, too. Click to read . .


  1. lulu

    Telling stories is something we should all do better. There is so much that is lost because we don’t ask before it’s too late.

    1. Matthew Teller

      That’s very true, Lulu.

  2. Bamba Experience

    How easy is to travel Quatar on land?

    1. Matthew Teller

      Qatar’s only land borders are with Saudi Arabia. To enter Qatar by land, you need first to get into Saudi Arabia – and if you’re a non-Muslim tourist, that’s a difficult thing to do…

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