Jordan visa changes – update


A brief update to my post yesterday on Jordan’s visa changes.

The Minister of Tourism, Nayef Al Fayez, tweeted me shortly after I posted to say the changes will come into effect between this month (May) and September 2015:

Then this morning, Michael Nazzal, senator and director of the Jordan Hotels Association, tweeted me to confirm that the unified site ticket mentioned in the press release would cover admission to “museums and other sites”, and would cost 70JD, rather than my guess of 90JD.

That’s as much as I know. As soon as more details come out, I will post here.


  1. Tony Howard

    Thanks mathew, it seems promising,but time will tell how it easy it is!

    1. Matthew Teller

      Thanks Tony – agreed!

  2. Roger

    say for example I simply want to visit Jordan to do some hiking ….do I still need to buy the ‘unified site ticket’ to get entry, even though I don’t intend to visit any of those sites?

    1. Matthew Teller

      It’s a good question, Roger. From what I understand at the moment, no, you don’t need to buy the ‘unified site ticket’ to enter the country as a tourist. However, if you don’t buy it, it seems that you then may not be eligible for the waiver of the normal tourist visa fee, which (until we hear otherwise) remains at 40JD. So you still have to pay that.

  3. Katie

    I’m going to Jordan on May 22-June 1 and will report back if I’m able to figure any of this back.

  4. Katie

    ^ *out.
    Geez, no idea where ‘back’ came from

  5. Matthew Teller

    Thanks, Katie, look forward to hearing more.

  6. Nukman

    I just called Jordan Embassy in Malaysia to ask on the revision of visa application process (if there’s any), guess what, they are completely unaware of this and only aware after I ask them to google it. I guess this still has a long way to go.

  7. Matthew

    Sounds like its getting easier to travel in Jordan. Are you a bit weirded out the minister of tourism tweeted you back?

    1. Matthew Teller

      Thanks, Matthew, let’s hope you’re right.

      No – that’s one of the great things about Twitter: it’s a great leveller. Everyone’s the same, talking as equals. (Also, I’m lucky enough to have met the minister a few times; we tweet regularly – and that post of mine was picked up widely in Jordan on Facebook, so I think quite a lot of people read it.)

  8. Tom

    Dear Matthew,
    Thanks for your article. I will travel to Jordan in a week with my sister. Have there been any updates on your most recent post? The unified ticket sounds like a pretty good deal, since we wanna visit most the mentioned sites. But I can’t find much more details.. Where to purchase it/ is the price indeed 70 dinar?
    If you have any updates, please let me know 🙂

    1. Matthew Teller

      hi Tom – thanks for your comment. I’m afraid I haven’t heard any more updates. That’s a common problem: the tourist industry (not just in Jordan, across the Middle East) is so desperate for positive PR that they put out media releases that are, essentially, speculative – before any actual work or implementation have been done. So they get a squirt of positive PR, followed by a long dribble of confusion and disappointment. It keeps on happening, and is very disheartening. Cart before the horse. Maybe you’ll pick up details of the unified ticket when you’re there – but I doubt it. Doesn’t matter! Enjoy Jordan anyway – it’s a wonderful place.

      1. Tom

        Your answer is much appreciated Matthew. I already wondered why I could read so little about the current status of the visa. A call friday to the Jordan embassy in the Netherlands confirmed your message: the staff hadn’t heard anything about the announcements..

        Despite all that, cant wait to 🙂

  9. Emiliano

    Matthew, I am arriving at Aqaba airport from Istanbul. Do you still get a visa for free arriving through this point of entry into Jordan? Thanks a lot!

    1. Matthew Teller

      hi Emiliano – as far as I know, yes you do. Enjoy your visit!

      1. Emiliano

        Thanks, Matthew!

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