I flew / In my dream


I flew

In my dream


Striding through the night fields

My pliable legs grew to spindles

And I left the pursuers and their furrows

And I watched myself, beside myself, with my spindled legs below

Striding through the night fields


And then

“Forget the legs”

And they retracted

As I flew

In my dream


Have you flown?

You make it happen in your core

It is full expression of will


I heard the swoosh

I tasted the wet night air

I looked down on the dark summit terrace of a mountain

Square and green

I heard the TV of the sleeping mother-in-law

And knew it was the end of the night


Flying close to the ground I found you

There she was

She’d come all the way back

(Even though it wasn’t “back”)

For me

It was intimate

In my dream


I woke with ears plugged

Blissfully quiet

With eyes masked

Blissfully dark


Like a pilot

In reverse.


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