This press release from Cooperative Travel has just arrived.

I’m going to ignore the spurious nature of the “research” – no sample size given, no date of survey, no indication of sample selection or basis on which figures have been collated – and the meaningless use of random numbers to create a false impression. I’m even going to overlook the fact that the Co-op, supposedly an ethical organisation, appears to be promoting all-inclusive package holidays in developing-world countries (if you care about the destinations you visit, all-inclusives are just about the worst way to travel, since virtually all your money stays within global corporations instead of going to the people who are hosting you).

Instead, I’m going to look at the main message.

Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey are now apparently being called the “Mett”. What the hell is wrong with the travel industry? Why can’t they just be normal? Why has everything got to be a buzzword? Does anyone nickname Greece, Italy and Turkey the “GIT” countries? How about Spain, Portugal And Morocco becoming “SPAM”?

I’ve never heard such a load of Belgium Or LUXembourg.

Bad statistics, bad holidays, bad PR.