Grand Hotels of Egypt

Just a brief heads-up about a new book due out shortly. Grand Hotels of Egypt looks like an absolute stunner – large format, packed with photos, and written by a genuine expert. Journalist and writer/editor Andrew Humphreys (who, I’m delighted to disclose, has commissioned numerous stories from me for numerous magazine titles over the years) knows his Egypt travel onions: the research will be faultless, the writing impeccable.

I won’t blather on, since Andrew’s already set up a blog devoted to the book, and is posting regularly – lovely stuff. Find it at

It’s published by the American University in Cairo Press and is available in real bookshops as well as Amazon and elsewhere. I’ve already put my name down for a copy.


  1. Bella

    Love Grand Hotels at Egypt.. The perfect place in Egypt has created the wonderful hotels..

  2. Matthew Teller

    A spammy comment from “Bella” I know, but still cute. I let it through.

  3. Katherine

    Hello Matthew, I already read your book and I must say that it is so useful and informative. And now I’m starting to read your blogs. It is so nice knowing that there are lot of grand hotels in Egypt. I will recommend this to my friend that likes to travel a lot.

    1. Matthew Teller

      Thanks so much, Katherine, that’s really kind of you. Andrew’s grand hotels book is wonderful! I hope you enjoy it.

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