Independent travel in Israel

After my piece on independent travel in Palestine, published last month in Wanderlust (UK), here is my follow-up article on Israel. You can click on each page to see a close-up version. I meant the two articles to be read in tandem, and I tried as best I could to match experiences in both places – rural walks, “dangerous” towns, microbreweries… Let me know if I succeeded or (more important) not – and why!

UPDATE: full text reproduced here

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  1. Lisa Attias

    The first time I went to Israel, with my then Israel fiance, I spotted some sabra fruit growing by a dusty road side. It took me about about 3 days to get the tiny thorns outside of my hands. I’ve been on many more stony trails in this complicated country (ies) in the last couple of decades, and found your articles enlightening and gently hopeful. Thank you!

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